Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Additional terms and conditions

Lifetime access to the course(s)

You have lifetime access to the particular edition(s) of course(s) you purchase from The Lonely Church. However, the course(s) may not always be available online. When we plan to remove online access to the course(s), we will send an email notice to the address you have given us. We will send this email 30 days before we take the course(s) offline. This email will provide details on where you can find the course materials to download, store, and access on your own device. This will be your sole opportunity to download the course(s).

The course(s) you have purchased are presented to you on the Kajabi platform. The Kajabi platform is owned by Kajabi LLC, which is solely responsible for delivering the course(s) we upload to the platform. Pitchgreen Communications Limited (“Pitchgreen”), the owner of The Lonely Church, will remain a customer in good standing of Kajabi LLC while the course(s) are available on the platform, thereby ensuring that you have access to the course(s). However, Pitchgreen cannot be held responsible for any failure of Kajabi LLC to continue to offer the course(s) on Pitchgreen’s behalf.

Refusal of service

The focus of The Lonely Church is helping congregations grow. Because people who act in a disruptive, argumentative, negative, or disheartening manner drain its resources, The Lonely Church reserves the right to refuse service to people acting in any or all of these ways and will bar them from its offerings should The Lonely Church deem that they have acted in such a way. Specifically, individuals and/or their churches who are taking a course will be barred from further access to any course offerings from The Lonely Church including the one(s) they have purchased. These individuals and/or their churches will receive no refund or any other compensation.


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