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Hi. My name is Dan Coggins. I’m concerned about the dwindling size of our congregations.

So, in July of 2018, I committed myself to doing one simple thing at church every week. I told no one. I just started doing it.

So, what I did was this:

I started connecting with newcomers.

I went beyond simply shaking hands with strangers during the “passing the peace” part of the service. Instead, I sat with our visitors. I remembered their names. I introduced them to other church members. I started seeing them socially. And as best I could, I started keeping a list of who they were.

Woman with backpack. Man in jean jacket.

After nine months, I had met 90 newcomers. And by the end of nine months, 44 of them were still coming. That’s one out of every two.

And I wasn’t counting children.

This was over-the-moon exciting. I couldn’t look at my list of newcomers too close to bedtime as it made sleeping impossible. I couldn’t wait for Sunday morning to come to see what new people were coming — and coming back!

I want to tell you how I grew my church.

And I’ve created this website to tell you that this will work in your church. You can subscribe below and get a free report “10 Deadly Mistakes Your Church Makes With Visitors".

You're probably saying,
“This won't work for me.”

Just give it a shot. What's on this site will work for you …

Even if you're an introvert.

Hey. I'm an introvert. In fact my job title here at The Lonely Church is “Chief Introvert”.

Even if you never get newcomers.

I bet  your church does get newcomers — but you … Just. Don’t. See. Them.

Even with a "ho-hum" pastor.

This isn't about your pastor. This is about the people in the pews.

This will work whether you’re an evangelical, a charismatic, or in a mainline denomination like me.

Liberal or conservative. Catholic or protestant. Without changing anything in your church. No meetings. No board approval. No money.

On these pages you will find no-pressure ways to connect with newcomers comfortably. Simply. Especially if connecting with people doesn’t come naturally for you.

If you’re tired of worshipping the Living God from a dying congregation, here’s your chance to  turn that around.

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