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Learn the secret, surprising tricks to get — and keep — your church’s visitors.

Report: 10 Deadly Mistakes Your Church Makes With Visitors

Every church has “friendliness gaps” that kill its growth.
What are yours?

If your church is so friendly,
why aren't you bigger?

Here is how you fool yourself into thinking your church is friendly:

You think friendliness is created by a committee.

You imagine having greeters or a welcome team is enough.

You don't see your church
like a visitor.

You’ve been coming for 20 years and you know everybody. That is not the newcomer’s experience.

You’re surrounded
by yes-men.

You think you're friendly because you haven't asked the people who don’t come anymore.

Are you tired of worshipping the Living God from a dying church?

Find out how ordinary laypeople just like you are pulling their churches back from the brink with these easy tips to grow your church.

Here's what happens to you when your church is growing.

A growing congregation isn't good just for your church — it's good for you, too.

No more bullies.

When your congregation is dwindling, bullies can threaten to leave if they don’t get their way. When your church is growing, these tyrants can go find some other church to intimidate.


Fewer fights on your board.

A growing church has a sense of momentum. There’s excitement! You can focus on the big stuff, not how to manage with fewer resources.


Your spiritual dryness is gone.

Having new people getting involved with your church is like pouring caffeine all over your soul. If a growing church came in a bottle, everyone would buy it.

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