Here’s the fastest way to get your church service on Facebook Live — even if you’re “not good with tech”

Lots of churches are putting their services on Facebook Live. But if you’re “technically challenged” how do you do it, too? Well, we spent 10 weeks to make Facebook Live so simple it can happen for you in 10 minutes. Get our free guide, The “absolutely helpless” guide to putting your church service on Facebook Live.

The free, “easy-as-1-2-3” method to a great Facebook Live service

We spent days getting the answers to questions — so you don’t have to.

How to practice privately: Page 4

Do you hate making mistakes in front of people? Facebook Live lets you practice your service before you have an audience. We’ll show you where the button is.

Take donations — here’s how: Page 16

Your church can take donations through Facebook. And Facebook will send receipts for you — without charging anyone a cent. How great is that?

The easy fix to the flipped-over image: Page 18

Why do the banners in your sanctuary read backwards? The fix is easy, but there can be a horrifying problem for iPhone/iPad users. See two fast fixes on page 19.

Finally … the straight line to putting your church service on Facebook Live

This report will empower and excite you about reaching more people for your church and be confident that you will look good and sound great as you take your service online.